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Travel software and services with Online Booking, Loyalty, Identity and OTA solutions

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Advanced Booking Engine

Redefined online booking process with verified customer integration

Cloud Secured

100% Fully secured cloud based software and setup. Microsoft Azure 24/7 uptime and support.

Mobile Ready Development

Advanced web development with mobile optimization and tested on 12+ devices

Online Booking Engine

  • Tripxol online booking engine helps travel agencies automate booking process
  • B2C(customer travel portal) and Backoffice applications.
  • We provide complete booking management, customer management, Promotion management in one application to increase sales.
  • Easily get enquiries from visitors and make offline bookings with backoffice application.
  • Tripxol will increase sales and expand your business with minimal operational costs.

Markup matrix

  • Markup Matrix is 'Fare Manager' module with defined 6+ target matrix based configuration.
  • Allows to set multiple markup and discounts for each route, type, class and city combinations.
  • Real time integration with customer portal for instant active and inactive rules.
  • Markup and discounts help agencies to increase sales.

Search monitor

  • Search Monitor is a Travel Data Analytics of your user activity on your portal flight search.
  • IP address integration allows travel agencies to track and understand their online customers.
  • Agencies can also check a snapshot of itineraries while customers searching on portal.

Promo codes

  • Real time integration of Promo codes with ‘Flight Search Results’.
  • Customer can directly apply promo code on web portal at the time of payment.
  • Create Promo codes for each Airline, Origin country and Origin City. Set expiry and Start date for each promo code created.

Gift card management

  • Gift cards can now be sent as e-gift certificate by Agency to customers for Loyalty and Promotions and Campaigns.
  • Over 200+ Retail merchants and 12 categories integrated as part of Gift card management.


Travel Voucher

  • Retain customers with Travel Voucher promotions
  • Travel Vouchers can be issued on promotional value and can only be used on a future travel ticket purchase
  • Fully integrated into web portal for any airline, route and destination

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Customer ID verification

  • Tripxol contact data validation will perform advanced name, email, phone and address verification.
  • Cross verification of address with name, email with phone, phone with address to ensure all data corresponds to same individual
  • Customer Data enrichment to add missing address, email and phone information.

Identity manager - portal integration

  • Tripxol integrates identity manager to validate customer phone, address and email using data quality tools.
  • Customer verification process prior to booking confirmation and payment process.
  • Gives agencies high security and error free online ticketing experience.
  • Agencies can also validate customer information with identity manager tool in agency backoffice.


  • Online travel search engine. directly link to your portal for online bookings
  • Deals portal - post your offers and deals everyday throughout the year
  • Offline deals, Online Deals, Specials, Promotions for all travel products
  • Reaching travel customers nationwide with display and partner portals

Email Marketing and Social engagement

  • Create your agency branded email campaign for your customers
  • Email automation and distribution with customer engagement
  • Special newsletter with promotions and offers from your agency
  • Upto 10,000 emails per month sent with customer response reports
  • Social media strategy and engagement with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others


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